︎UNBALANCE ︎ 2019 ︎ multimedia performance


CO-IKI art residency and PRISM CO. LTD



"Understanding the self in a matrix of relationship, one no longer searches for an enemy as the key to understanding every problem, but looks instead for imbalances in relationships."
The Coronation Charles Eisenstein

UNBALANCE is a multimedia performance on human relations where lighting is used unconventionally as an invisible divider between people and the entire environment responds to their movement. 

A reflection that is very current in times of social isolation and distancing.How people are relating to each other? What’s the impact of social conditioning on their relations? Habits, obligations, expectations, a state of mind, the balance of power.

An experimental project with a strong visual impact on the edge of contemporary dance-theater, lighting design, and interactive arts that put at its core the human body and its movement using multimedia elements as a resonance effect. A project where nothing is like it seems: visual becomes light and the light becomes scenography. The body transforms the environment but it is also transformed by it.

An international collaboration between the Japanese butoh performer Dai Matsuoka and the Canada-based multimedia director Mariano Leotta, triggered in early 2019 during an art residency in Tokyo. The result is this first study that serves as a show backbone and starting point of an experimental multimedia research.


TOHO Space, Tokyo, Japan


Choreography/performance Dai Matsuoka, Masahiro Nakanishi, Kei Ishikawa
Lighting/Multimedia design Mariano Leotta, Sho Tokura
Photo Shooting Bozzo, Noriko Kubota, Yasuko Tadokoro
Video Shooting Yuta Sugihara, Issam Kechouri
Post Production Mariano Leotta, Issam Kechouri
Music “Program Q Nex” by Plaster (Feat. Tonbo)
Made with the support of Co-iki Art Residency, Prism CO. LTD., TOHO university
Special thanks to Yoko Negami, Endo Youchi, Takato Henmi, Peter Goessner