︎OAEEN ︎2022/23 ︎Once Upon a Tour




Show design for one of Taiwan’s most iconic and loved bands. The enigmatic pool can be seen as a black hole, or a window into a time or place within the bands story, the mysterious content of the pool will be reflected into the sky above. For better or for worse, which way would you choose? Throughout the show the stage wants to reflect this decision state. A kinetic mirror disc  reveals itself under many different disguises.  While a giant 40 meter long bridge falls from the ceiling spanning the length of the arena floor to become its own multilayered performance space within the show.

Dome Arena, Taipei, Taiwan


Creative Direction Grant Orchard
Show Direction Mariano Leotta
Show & Production Design Grant Orchard + Mariano Leotta
Lighting Design Sam Tozer + Grant Orchard
Lighting Programming 
Ryan Dennet + Kris Goodman
Visual direction Aude Guivarch 
Video Programming Ed Joynson
Technical Direction Lisa Ning [B’in live] + Judy Chu
Stage Direction Kuang Wu
Artist Management Mey Yeh [Universal]