︎NAMIE AMURO ︎2018 ︎Final Tour

On the Line

Moment Factory

J-Pop star, fashion icon and hip-pop queen, Namie Amuro is one of Japan’s best-selling artists of all time.

Deciding to retire on top, this pop legend created the Final Tour 2018, held at 5 major dome venues with a capacity of 40,000 to 50,000 people each. In a stage that changes skin completely with video content, we created a visual language for the kinetic system and the rest of the screens embedded in the stage design. Video content of each song is framed by dream-world imagery that echoes Amuro’s music videos, album art and past concerts. From retro graphic design to a vintage carousel, from delusive neon tunnel to a mesmerizing waterfall are brought to life like dreams come true in these whimsical landscapes. Keeping Namie Amuro’s powerful live performance front and center, Moment Factory’s playful video content help make the stages of giant venues feel immersive and intimate for her legions of fans, creating a send-off fit for an icon.

Nagoya Dome, Nagoya, Japan


Creative Direction Mariano Leotta
Content Producer Mathieu Grainger
Technical Consultant James Richardson
Content Direction Mariano Leotta, Gabo Gesualdi
Art Direction Ernesto Ortega 
Project Coordination Magalie Derochers