︎LRDL ︎2021 ︎MY Mamma



From the first listening of the demo tracks, LRDL’s new music project revelead itself as an inspiring challenge. A complex journey from the dicothomy of self and other - a decadent and distant alien - building up to a sense of community, a collective sense of life together. “To recognize oneself in the eyes of the others”. It demanded a comprehensive conceptual work to create a corresponding imagery, a visual world which could reflect this passage from the self to the collective and link it clearly to the present, the pandemic period in which we are living. Music and lyrics to unfold into videos, graphics, costumes, scenoography, art in all its forms pushing from different point of views toward a common objective: it is time to talk about certain controversial topic, believe in something shamelessly and carry on battles, together, to change this world.

Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo, Catania


Creative Direction Mariano Leotta
Art Direction Manuela Di Pisa
Video direction
Alessandra Leone
Movement Coaching Alessia Prati + Matias Julian Nativo (Miamisafari)
Backstage Claudio Di Trapani
Fat Sounds
Mattia Piazza (Casa Preti)
MUA & Hair 
Francesco Paolo Catalano + Marika Caiola 
Video Production Francesco Di Gesù + Andrea Santoro
Artist Management Bernardo Mattioni