︎HIRO ︎2018 ︎Acrobatic Water Show

Royal Caribbean

Moment Factory

HiRO, amazes with high-flying feats, unexpected stunts, and extraordinary acrobatics than any aqua show before. From 3D flying to synchronized swimming brought to life by the world's best extreme sports athletes and enhanced with realtime visual effects. HiRO pushes the limits of a theatrical production at sea with cutting edge technology, future-forward choreography and high innovative physicality articulating a new language of performance art through immersive multimedia.

Symphony of the Seas, Mediterranean Cruise


Show Creation Cynthia Akanga
Show Direction Cynthia Akanga, Adam Dyer
Creative Direction Andrew Watson
Content Direction Mariano Leotta
Choreography Shay Kuebler
Lead Design Joan Masoli
Art Direction Simon Levelle 
Content Producer Marie Dussart
Technical Consultant James Richardson
Mutimedia Producer Simon Lupini
Show Producers
Mande Dagenais, Alex Marchant