︎G.E.M. ︎2017 ︎Queen of Hearts World Tour


HummingBird Music


Moment Factory

Keeping up with the sheer diversity of G.E.M. two and a half hour shows was an exciting challenge for my first show direction.
We worked together under the same roof for 3 months to deliver the scenography, content and lighting design for this highly anticipated world tour.
Our solution was to create a constantly evolving, responsive stage environment that could turn on a dime to keep up with her energy and stylistic shifts. Five moving stage lifts, and LED screens covering almost every surface created a fully programmable scenography that brings G.E.M’s multifaceted world to life. Including the design of bespoke instruments such as a piano and a gyroscopic e-drum kit, this programmable space even extends out into the audience with thousands of LED light sticks, immersing audience and performers alike in one big media canvas.

International Sports Arena, Guangzhou, China


Creative Direction Jesse Lee Stout
Show Design & Direction Jesse Lee Stout + Mariano Leotta
Technical Direction
Remi Lapointe
Lighting Design Ian MacDonald
Musical Direction
Lupo Groinig
Scenic Design
Olivier Landreville + Mariano Leotta
Visual direction
Gabo Gesualdi
Choreography Kevin Maher 
Project Management Mathieu Grainger
RTS TOUR, G.E.M from Moment Factory on Vimeo