︎CLOSER. FASTER ︎2014 ︎Holographic Show

Roads and Transport Authority Dubai

Prisme International

We were excited to be approached when RTA needed a unique and memorable opening ceremony to announce the inauguraiton of the Dubai Tram serviece. Our greatest challenge was that we could not transport the actual tram to an exizting venue. To use this to our advantage we created the largest hologram ever. .The 6 mins has been the main attraction of A world record breaking event with a 3D “holographic” show at its core.
The show presented the tram in different perspectives breaking it down into 4 acts invoking the basic categorisations of Illusionary:
1 optical illusion - fake video mapping on the holographic tram to enhance its design;
2 transformation - exploded view integrated with infographics to highlight the tech specs of the tram;
3 teleportation - journey following the tram across the city integrated with live action and infographics elements to highlight the different locations:
4 intersection - a fly through and a cross-section to reveal the interiors and the leisure of travelling with the tram.

Tram Depot, Dubai, UAE


Creative Direction George Collier 
Content Direction/Production Mariano Leotta
Lead Content Design Sebastien Mizermont 
Light Design Emiliano Morgia
Video production Adrenaline Studio
Art Direction Armanda Baptista
Project Coordination Michelle Stock
Production Managemenet Cathleen Busse

Technical Production Giochi di Luce + Musion 3D