︎5 Seconds Of Summer ︎2022 ︎Take My Hand Tour



Moment Factory

As the crowd awaits, a thin vertical laser cuts through the smoke and darkness to signal the band’s impending entrance. In a flash, the beam splits open into an epic spotlight reveal. Screens shift in the background and foreground, casting transparent veneers, creating illusions of depth, and transporting the audience to rippling dunes and neon cloudscapes. Behind a bold and finely crafted aesthetic, the strategic deployment of cutting-edge stage craft—including automation and gaming engine technology—adds a theatrical layer to the performance and gives fans an immersive way to connect with the band.

3Arena, Dublin, Ireland


Creative Direction Tarik Mikou
Show Direction Benjamin Dupont
Show & Production Design Mariano Leotta
Lighting Design 
Paul Guthrie
Lighting Programming 
Taylor Price
Visual direction Manuel Galarneau 
Video Programming All Of It Now
Technical Direction Maxime Doyle
Stage Direction Kuang Wu
Artist Management Ben Evans