2011 - web-interactive installation mapping
production: Artereazione + Consonant

SYN is a synchronization request packet on the Internet.
SYN means “togheter” in ancient greek.
SYN is the synapsis.
Through the synapses a neuron exchanges informations in the form of chemical-electrical impulses to other neurons within a neural network managed by the brain. But the brain itself can be considered as a neuron exchanging informations with other brains within a brain network. The “social brain” (Luis Cozolino) exchanges information through social impulses, rather than chemical-electrical ones.
In contemporary society, the social impulses do not just come from physical relationships, but more and more from virtual ones. SYN means to spur city dwellers and travellers to explore and feed the creative side of the city through a crowdsourced process.

SYN installation represents an artificial neural system with a constant exchange of electrical inpulses. It is realised using QuartzComposer to set a precise videomapping activated by topic related tweets on Twitter and audience web-interaction. Using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop), anybody can send a spark, a creative contribution, from the event location or all over the city. Each spark will activate the installation and can be visualized on the dedicated web app.

1 ST videoprojector min. 3500lum
1 macmini or macbookpro with QuartzComposer

1 Ipad
internet connection
3 M3 in corner position
dark or dimmable space

Art Direction/Visual Programming: Mariano Leotta
Set Design: Marta Nardi
App developing: Francesco Enea
AV performance: Kaeba, Aikia, Born Holmer

XV Biennale Mediterranea, Thessaloniki, Greece (Italian Representative)
B-seite, Zeitraumexit, Mannheim, Germany
III Moscow Biennale, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia
ISEA, Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, USA
Share Prize, Museum of Natural Science, Turin, Italy (Final Short List)
Operation Content (Fuori Salone), HoHart Gallery, Milan, Italy