CLOSER. FASTER. | 2014 | holographic show

2014 -  SHOW DIRECTION                                                         


CLIENT: Dubai's RTA        

PRODUCTIONPrisme International

This Project was created and realised by Prisme International. As part of the creative team who delivered the project, I was in charge of the creative production. 
The 6 mins 3D “holographic” show has been the main attraction of the world record breaking event that launched the Dubai tram on November 11, 2014. 
The show was broken down into 4 acts invoking the basic categorisations of Illusionary. 
1 optical illusion - fake video mapping on the holographic tram to enhance its design; 
2 transformation - exploded view integrated with infographics to highlight the tech specs of the tram;
3 teleportation - journey following the tram across the city integrated with live action and infographics elements to highlight the different locations:
4 intersection - a fly through and a cross-section to reveal the interiors and the leisure of travelling with the tram.


Tram Depot, Dubai, UAE