MINI BUCKY | 2014 | light mapping show

2014 - SHOW DIRECTION                                                    


Bonera Group | MINI Italia

Bucky is a light mapping installation playing with lights and reflections to enhance the lines of the New Mini Cooper in occasion of its 2014 italian launch.
The struts of a 30' Geodesic Dome has been covered by LED stripes connected to DMX Dimmers and controlled b an ODE by MadMapper. Using MadLight we mapped the geometry of the Led stripes on computer and played with them using video loops and Quartz Composer audio interactive compositions.
The sound has been divided into 4 channels and each channel assigned to a specific area of the dome, that is a group of LED Stripes.

Bucky is the nickname of buckminsterfullerene, a spherical fullerene molecule taking its name from Buckminster Fuller, an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist who popularized the geodesic dome.

9 mt diam Geodesic Dome

100 mt RGB LED stripe
50 mt WHITE LED stripe
800 mt electric cable
10 27-channels DMX LED Dimmers
1 Enttec Open DMX Ethernet
1 MadMapper + MadLight
a lot of plastic bands and tape rolls


Creative Direction: Mariano Leotta
Coding and Mapping: Stefano Polli and Davide Molinaro
Custom Built RGB LED Structure: Thomas Verlato

Sound Design: Giorgio Maccarinelli (Futuro)
Shooting and Editing: Davide Valentino


Piazza San Faustino, Brescia, Italy